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WHY International is a management company that currently oversees ten different divisions. WHY International was developed to create companies that remove obstacles that inhibit economic growth in the business world. WHY is dedicated to looking beyond problems and is proficient at inventing solutions. We are the birthing place of new companies and the facilitators of cross industry collaboration..



B. E. L.T

Business and Economic Leadership Taskforce
What you need to know about Project B.E.L.T 2008

Mission Statement:
To assist the federal economic development agenda by executing innovation, and collaboration, stimulating American regional businesses with growth and success in the world wide economy.

Nomination and receipt of the EDA (Economic Development Award)

Scope of project:
Create sustainable economic development: innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration on the following levels:






Create a task force of Business Development Agents, which function as an extension of partnership resources, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Create sustainable business development funds.

Train small businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize more efficient development systems, increasing sustainability profitability and growth.

Create quantifiable performance measurement for small business efficiencies, start–up incubation and documentation of resulting economic impact.

Leverage, utilize, and collaborate established business, education, economic and inter governmental resources. Document all parties’ involvement and share the resulting achievement with all affiliates and partners.

Assist in reflecting the agenda of the Economic Development Administration and their priorities.

Relationship Options:

Business Development Agent Contract

Affiliate Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Syracuse Technology Garden
235 Harrison Street
Syracuse, New York 13202
Fax 315-474-0915

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